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결국 후원

It's a debt, but it's not a sponsor after all? It does not make sense for me to deny it.

Clark told me openly why he was reluctant to be exposed to his powers, so Clark hung his head.

Whether sponsorship or whatever, the increase in debt is a specification. Now is the right time.

The patronage of the kingdom was a virtuous loan with unconditional commitment, service, and loyalty. I could not know for sure how long it would be tied to the kingdom when I went to the packed suggestion without knowing how cool it was.

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That day's training was over

That day's training was over. Clark led the cavalry into a village near the border. Usually, if it was a long time alone, the man was exclaimed with a lot of excitement and kept silent.

Gosh. What do you guys do ...

The village headman, who was afraid of the darkness, ran to the point where he could not help but nobody cares. They have not yet fully escaped the shock of the power of the Gentiles.

Big. How much is this wine?

Among them, it was only the recruits who spoke godly. But these tough men had no way to be long-suffering. The village headman prepared the place as if it were a poor village, but it was cheap and the food was hard, but it was enough to solve the atmosphere that had hardened.

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not just a member.

On that day, Kim was reborn as a real horseman, not just a member.

After the first group training, Kim Sun-hyuk became completely different. Somehow he had not fully melted into the cavalry, and he began actively participating in the cavalry. When there was a group training of cavalry, I also gave up the power of free training and attended all the time, and somehow desperately tried to get the know-how of the other cavalrymen.

"Anyway, I need a new window. Do not be afraid to break or miss. I'll hold on until the end of it will fall off the horse. "

2017년 12월 1일 금요일

go to the hospital

I had to go to the hospital for a while and finally breathe. He opened the status window straight away.

[Kim Sun-hyuk]
□ Level. 3
□ Dragon Rider
□ Unique properties
- wind (wind) / property dominance 40
: Wind (Fang)
□ Strength 21 / Endurance 20 / Agility 23
□ Possessed skill

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청색으로 물들인 로브

The chief of the ordinary impression pushed Frederick 's shoulder and swooped, and stood inside. However, there was a magician who wore the robes painted in blue with a good view by the colonel.

The woman who is impressed with ordinary but flashy eyes is a completely different version than she had seen before. There was no awkwardness and it seemed to be taken for granted that it received the ransom of many soldiers by the Chongryongdae.

"Wow, Mr.. It's good to have a reward. I also got a bar associate and a kite. "

Kim Sun - hyuk also sympathized with a gentle admiration of a foreigner and nodded his head. As you can see, the wizards beside the Chongryongdo seemed dignified and dignified. If you are a stranger,

연대장의 일행

One of the soldiers who were waiting outside the garrison stood fast and said, The infantry of the front, which had a good ranks as if it was a riding ceremony, stood on the side of the window.

"About the Chief Chaplain!"

At that time, the chief of police, who accompanied the heavy cavalry cavalry who had come to the entrance of the garrison, was revealed. Frederick 's shouting, the soldiers gave their strength and spread their backs.


The thorns of the thorns pierced the skies at an angle, and the treacherous infantrymen pounded their chests and shouted slogans.

"I had a lot of hardships. I'll go in and get a report. "

2017년 10월 14일 토요일

질기게도 버티던 클라크

Clarke, who stayed up hungry, disappeared, and Kim, who was left alone, looked around at the barracks of the compulsory party and realized that nobody was there.

In his eyes, he showed a clearly different status window from the day before.

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구덩이 속

"I will ... I will die ..."

Then he found himself a stranger in the pit, and he had a strange face.

"Kim Sun-hyuk?"
"uh? Is anyone there? If you are, please take me out. "

Clark pounded toward the pit with his voice dying.


"Is that really true?"
"It's real."

2017년 9월 23일 토요일



Kim Sang-hyuk, who realized that he had fallen into limpness late, spit out his elasticity and saw the result he made.

The drainage around the barracks was really deep, and even though it was clean, it was very clean. The drainage line was perfect enough to think that if this was enough, I would be able to keep the other place as it is.

2017년 9월 13일 수요일

아주 대단하구만

"It's very great. amazing. It's a very good soldier. I have to raise. "
"Except that the cavalry rolls only on the bottom like a tornado, it is very much like a soldier's."
"Of course, if he is an infantry!"

The cavalrymen were giggling and ridiculing, but they did not hurt Kim Sun-hyuk's training. It was no wonder that his gaze on him looked like the uncle of the other unit because there was nothing like a fellow consciousness in the beginning.

"Leave it alone. It's all a while anyway. If he calls from above, he will go to another place. "

2017년 9월 5일 화요일

마음만 먹었다면

"If you only had your heart, you would have unlocked Hansen's hand. Hansen's tightening does not mean that he can not pull his head back all the way. "
"So the poor guy is more powerful than Hansen?"
"Gentiles can not judge by appearance."

Then I said it was a status. The origin of the power of the Gentiles was different from the muscular strength that they created and made themselves.

"It's a story that's not just a granny."
"Certainly that dignity is not normal."

The idea of the man was half right. One of the horsemen who had talked to me in a friendly manner heard the ridiculous words that he had overcome the eclipse.

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허리를 끌어안을 듯

The hand, which is outstretched, approaches the waist as if holding it. He quickly swung his body sideways and kicked his knees up. It was indeed the base of the interpersonal fighting technique that I learned at the training camp, but my opponent easily gave up my body easily.


For a moment, Hansen shook his hand again with a distorted face like a devil. Kim Sun-hyuk, who did not know that the attack would continue toughly, could not retreat and was caught in his hand.

"I'll kill you."

The brutal force put pressure on her back and her breath was blocked.

2017년 6월 29일 목요일

두꺼운 비늘

Seungjun ran to the lizard monster that rolled between them.

The lizard monster was shaking his head to get up. The part hit by the ax was not thick enough to penetrate.

"Damn you're here for the rest of your life."

Sungjoon activated his senses while running.

'- Concussion state'
'Scales on the back and face, no scales on the belly, neck and chin'
'No foot scales'
'First step'

2017년 6월 2일 금요일

거짓말이 서툰 유진

No, no. I'm not busy. Uh, uh! It's annoying because of the spam phone.

Eugene was still lying to Sung-jin, but Sung-jin decided to go over. I did not even care.

2017년 5월 24일 수요일

농담에 박장대소

At the end of Ji-hwan, Sung-jin laughed as if he was losing it, and everyone could not stop him. It was definitely atmosphere maker.

If you keep sympathy until the age of 25, Ji Hwan jokingly said to the singer that he was a wizard. Sung-jin was true, and I just laughed because I did not think he was ashamed. Sung - jin was very enjoying this reunion place.

2017년 5월 18일 목요일

애들과 연락

Kim Ji-hwan said to Sung-jin that he was a bit disappointed. And at the end of Kim Ji-hwan, Sung-jin even came up with a guy he hated.

In fact, Sungjin has lost contact with his children at high school, and the reason he did not go to the alumni association was because of Kim Min-soo, the guy he said.

2017년 5월 16일 화요일

투구에 뚫린 두 구멍

Sungjin was a little surprised and stepped back a few steps back.

I turned my head suddenly and suddenly turned around the whole body in armor, and in the two openings in the helmet, a red light glowed a little, but it seemed unlikely to be surprised.

Looking closer, the queen of the sword seemed to be about 170cm tall, but it seemed to be at least 167cm considering that it looks bigger due to helmet or armor. It was a big tall woman.

She glowed red light and looked up at her bigger sword.

2017년 5월 11일 목요일

진심으로 짜증이 난다

Oh, he was hiding anyway. Why did he do it? Ugh it's frustrating.]

Leah spoke as if she was so annoyed. The last thing seemed to be quite annoying even when it was snooping.

Anyway, this is what Leah said.

2017년 5월 8일 월요일

아름답고 청아한 목소리

The light, like when I was hit by a Georgetown and before I had a contract with Leah, wrapped around her body.

Sung - jin was not in a good mood for this phenomenon. I thought that it would be a hindrance to hunting my own hunting. Then I heard a beautiful and pure voice.

[Jesus can not make you wake up!]

2017년 5월 3일 수요일

다른 의뢰

It was her request to Arnon. The sword is also instructed to ask the Argonne, or to put it precisely to the death of the contractor who had worked on her a while ago.

Now, I can not stop it, and I was resentful of Arnon to ask for another commission. It may be the last day to see Seongjin, but he missed it.

2017년 5월 1일 월요일

근육의 경직

After finishing the foundation, I thought that I could make my own swordsmanship and develop it.

As you can not distribute in the first drink, you can not expect a big growth if you have laid the foundation.

I think so, Sung - jin felt his body light.

The tension is relaxed and the muscle stiffness is pulled.

So Sung-jin headed to the Kangseo branch of the Arnon Association.

2017년 4월 30일 일요일

저녁 6시

Sungjin was hard. No, I was going to die. This is what I've already learned for 10 days. Sung - jin was in the gym. I was tired of it, but it seemed like my head would become like a simple labor.

I was only doing this at 6 o'clock in the morning and 6 o'clock in the evening. It does not even drink a glass of water.

Huh, huh.

It was so hard and thirsty that I could hear the hoarse voice, but I could not stop until it was enough to stop watching Jina.

2017년 4월 28일 금요일

스승에 대한 도리

Honestly, it is no wonder that Jin-ah, who dislikes males, sees males with prejudice. But it was when it was a woman as a woman.

Jin as a teacher thought that having preconceptions was not about teaching.

Besides, I wanted to tell Sung-jin about his sword in a way that looks like a child like that.

2017년 4월 27일 목요일

더운 것에 어느 정도 면역

It was because of the burning in a day or the long summer under the hot sun.

However, Sung - jin, who had become a contractor 's body and immune to a certain degree of warmth, smiled pleasantly and drove his car.

I was tired, but I was happy to pay 200 million a day.

2017년 4월 25일 화요일

그래도 피곤해

Even though the word was so, Smile was built on the face of Sung-jin. The energy flowing through my body was also huge compared to before, and the strength became very strong.

It seemed that I would not have to take a rest even if I had a night of hunting. I was not going to get tired, though.

Sungjin carried the body so fast.

2017년 4월 24일 월요일

오싹거리는 느낌

It was not the sound of the piercing sound, but the sound of the sound that was just rising in the air. In addition, before that, I heard a quick jump.

Sung-jin was in such desperation, but suddenly felt a creep and bowed his head and felt a great deal of pain on his back.

용아의 알아낸 능력

haha. I should go to the truck and rest.

It was 4 o'clock now and it will be around 6 o'clock when I wake up. Sung - jin thought so and moved to the truck.

So far, Yonga did not have the ability to find out. Just like a spike that rises from the ground, Sungjin put energy into Yonga, and if it pierced the ground, it could make a spike protrude wherever it wanted.

2017년 4월 22일 토요일


In this way, Sungjin could die.

Once the nearest red spider is now about 1m away from Sungjin. However, since the dragon was stuck in the ground, the red spider could be attacked while the surname was stalled.

Other spiders came to Sungjin gradually, but Sung-jin closed his eyes without knowing himself.

Yonga, who did not seem to be stuck on the ground, suddenly vibrated suddenly.

Woo Woo Woo!

Sung-jin, who does not know what's going on,

2017년 4월 21일 금요일

혼자만의 망상

Kim Youngmin, who believed that he would be willing to do so, laughed inside. I could not help it because I could not even move my face to the present situation.


When Kim Young - min was so alone in her delusion, a pretty woman with long brown hair opened her door.

2017년 4월 18일 화요일

도전을 하는 상황

From Kim 's point of view, Sung - jin was a servant. Slave, not less than that, and now it was a great situation as Dae - young Kim Young - min. I thought it was a situation in which a subordinate who had to obey him challenged his face.

Then, Kim Young - min was laughing.


Looking at the smiling Kim Young-min, Sung-jin just responded with a flat face.

2017년 4월 17일 월요일

계약을 한 상황

What Kim can do now is to just roll his feet.

At that time, I remembered that there was GPS on the monster cargo truck. If you keep track of it, the house of God will come out.

It was funny that they did not know the house in a situation where they contracted each other, but Sung - jin wrote the papers and left it.

2017년 4월 16일 일요일

계약영혼 중 그런 류의 영혼

Sung-Jin's sync rate was 8.7%, but it was divided into 3.5% and 5.2% by multiple contracts.

Sungjin was thinking about whether it would be 8.7% higher.

But I did not say it was a multiple contract ... ... .

Sometimes I go. There are contractual souls who do not listen to themselves, even though they have contracted with the contractor.

2017년 4월 15일 토요일

어린애처럼 보호자를 데리고...

At the end of Eugene, Sung-jin was troubled. I walked a few times while I was working as a manager, but there were some things I was worried about.

To be honest, I was a little alone. It did not seem like taking a protector like a child.

Eugene said that Sung - jin thought he was thinking like that.

- I have to go because my sister is still there.

2017년 4월 12일 수요일

세계경제에 영향

However, by moderately adjusting the quantity, I sold the amount that was not enough, too much, to the world moderately.

If the contractors sold the monster's body or Soulstone anywhere in the city at random, it would not be possible to control it, which could have affected the global economy.

So the Association of Arnon has the power to encompass the world, and it has come to the present day.

- History of Aronon -

달과 충돌

Arnon was similar in size to the moon and far from the earth than the moon. I can not collide with the moon.

When safety was announced, mankind was delighted. It was a pleasure for mankind that the earth that was supposed to be destroyed as it is, is safe without doing anything like this.

It was when I was so unhappy that I was getting used to the beauty of arround like purple jewelry.

2017년 4월 9일 일요일

사장님의 심기를 건들지 마라

There was even a saying that 'If you want to be safe, do not touch the plantation of your boss.'

Of course Sung-jin was a taboo unknown. So the reaction of the bodyguard was obvious.

As for the witch of the coward, the idiot of the coward, and the moon of the gauge, it was famous for the general public. Sungjin knew, but I did not think it was Eugene.

그대와의 동화

The original character was already out of the way, but the girl pushed it off and pretended to be noble again.

And the appearance is not unnatural, so I decided to go beyond Sungjin.

What are you talking about?

[I suppose you might have thought, but this is a different kind of ordinary contract soul. Yet the assimilation with you is low, yet you can not tell the details yet.]

2017년 4월 7일 금요일

엄청난 규모

The structure of the clinic was huge compared to other buildings, but it was because of the structure in it.

At the entrance to the building, I was standing in a line, but there were 10 warehouse rooms in the appraisal office, and it was called an emotional room.

2017년 4월 6일 목요일

I was not expecting

I was not expecting a friend to be such a ridiculous personality.

But what does Sungjin do? If the cape gets bored, he'll have to take care of the bottle. ... .

Even now, Seongjin seemed to die hard, but he took his tough body to the monster's body.

2017년 4월 3일 월요일

which made it more painful than blood in the lungs.

Sungjin's feelings were the same now.

Sungjin, who put his arm on his forehead, felt like he could not breathe. The ribs pierced the lungs, which made it more painful than blood in the lungs.

debt? It is enough to pay back.

The pain to come? It is enough to overcome such a thing.

2017년 4월 1일 토요일

Oh, I see. I went to Mr. Seongjin

Oh, I see. I went to Mr. Seongjin who I drove, but I was still in the hospital and had not recovered yet, but I remembered it before the accident.

At that time Kim was puzzled by Kim. It was strange that Sung - jin woke up and did not tell his own work when the detective came.

2017년 3월 31일 금요일

Yes, I drove by driving

Yes, I drove by driving.

Kim, who heard it, nodded and turned his computer monitor over to Seongjin to show something.

This is the CCTV at that time.

Kim said that and turned on the video.

2017년 3월 30일 목요일

police station was not far away

The police station was not far away from the hospital, because Sung - jin was not far from where the accident occurred and the hospital was located, and the police department was in charge of the jurisdiction near where the accident occurred.

A short time later, the taxi arrived at the police station. Sung - jin paid the money and walked out of the taxi and into the police station.

2017년 3월 29일 수요일

almost cost me 10 million won

Even the cheapest treatments almost cost me 10 million won.

Did you just write such a machine to Sungjin? Of course not. Sung-jin who worked at this hospital was an indispensable part of this hospital.

It is Sung-jin who does little more than mandatory hunting, saying that the doctor who saved the person is more meaningful than the contractor's life.

2017년 3월 25일 토요일

국내에서 20대도 없다는 차

When the man opened the door, unlike an ordinary sports car, it was a sleek vehicle that looked like a wing-like martial art and a black lacquer. Ferrari SA Enzo was often called the Enzo Ferrari.

It is a car that there are not 20 cars in Korea, and it is a vehicle that should pay at least 2 billion to buy in Korea.

한국형 미인

My, I am doing this!

When I was so frustrated, the bathroom door opened. Before Sung - jin did his job, the silhouette of the person in the bathroom came out.

uh? Sungjin is up.


Sungjin was not the first person to see. It was a typical Korean beauty who looked very pretty because her long brown hair, which was wet with water, and her lustrous nose, big nose, and lips like cherry blossoms seemed to match the immaculate skin.

2017년 3월 23일 목요일

The announcer nodded at her explanation

Sungjin also nodded herself without knowing her words. Something felt really relieved in her words. Is it a doctor?

The announcer nodded at her explanation and went on to the next question.

- Oh, right. Then, in the case of a dungeon known as the habitat of a monster, is it created by the monsters themselves?

I was wondering about Sungjin in the question of the announcer.