2017년 4월 25일 화요일

그래도 피곤해

Even though the word was so, Smile was built on the face of Sung-jin. The energy flowing through my body was also huge compared to before, and the strength became very strong.

It seemed that I would not have to take a rest even if I had a night of hunting. I was not going to get tired, though.

Sungjin carried the body so fast.

2017년 4월 24일 월요일

오싹거리는 느낌

It was not the sound of the piercing sound, but the sound of the sound that was just rising in the air. In addition, before that, I heard a quick jump.

Sung-jin was in such desperation, but suddenly felt a creep and bowed his head and felt a great deal of pain on his back.

용아의 알아낸 능력

haha. I should go to the truck and rest.

It was 4 o'clock now and it will be around 6 o'clock when I wake up. Sung - jin thought so and moved to the truck.

So far, Yonga did not have the ability to find out. Just like a spike that rises from the ground, Sungjin put energy into Yonga, and if it pierced the ground, it could make a spike protrude wherever it wanted.

2017년 4월 22일 토요일


In this way, Sungjin could die.

Once the nearest red spider is now about 1m away from Sungjin. However, since the dragon was stuck in the ground, the red spider could be attacked while the surname was stalled.

Other spiders came to Sungjin gradually, but Sung-jin closed his eyes without knowing himself.

Yonga, who did not seem to be stuck on the ground, suddenly vibrated suddenly.

Woo Woo Woo!

Sung-jin, who does not know what's going on,

2017년 4월 21일 금요일

혼자만의 망상

Kim Youngmin, who believed that he would be willing to do so, laughed inside. I could not help it because I could not even move my face to the present situation.


When Kim Young - min was so alone in her delusion, a pretty woman with long brown hair opened her door.

2017년 4월 18일 화요일

도전을 하는 상황

From Kim 's point of view, Sung - jin was a servant. Slave, not less than that, and now it was a great situation as Dae - young Kim Young - min. I thought it was a situation in which a subordinate who had to obey him challenged his face.

Then, Kim Young - min was laughing.


Looking at the smiling Kim Young-min, Sung-jin just responded with a flat face.

2017년 4월 17일 월요일

계약을 한 상황

What Kim can do now is to just roll his feet.

At that time, I remembered that there was GPS on the monster cargo truck. If you keep track of it, the house of God will come out.

It was funny that they did not know the house in a situation where they contracted each other, but Sung - jin wrote the papers and left it.

2017년 4월 16일 일요일

계약영혼 중 그런 류의 영혼

Sung-Jin's sync rate was 8.7%, but it was divided into 3.5% and 5.2% by multiple contracts.

Sungjin was thinking about whether it would be 8.7% higher.

But I did not say it was a multiple contract ... ... .

Sometimes I go. There are contractual souls who do not listen to themselves, even though they have contracted with the contractor.

2017년 4월 15일 토요일

어린애처럼 보호자를 데리고...

At the end of Eugene, Sung-jin was troubled. I walked a few times while I was working as a manager, but there were some things I was worried about.

To be honest, I was a little alone. It did not seem like taking a protector like a child.

Eugene said that Sung - jin thought he was thinking like that.

- I have to go because my sister is still there.

2017년 4월 12일 수요일

세계경제에 영향

However, by moderately adjusting the quantity, I sold the amount that was not enough, too much, to the world moderately.

If the contractors sold the monster's body or Soulstone anywhere in the city at random, it would not be possible to control it, which could have affected the global economy.

So the Association of Arnon has the power to encompass the world, and it has come to the present day.

- History of Aronon -

달과 충돌

Arnon was similar in size to the moon and far from the earth than the moon. I can not collide with the moon.

When safety was announced, mankind was delighted. It was a pleasure for mankind that the earth that was supposed to be destroyed as it is, is safe without doing anything like this.

It was when I was so unhappy that I was getting used to the beauty of arround like purple jewelry.

2017년 4월 9일 일요일

사장님의 심기를 건들지 마라

There was even a saying that 'If you want to be safe, do not touch the plantation of your boss.'

Of course Sung-jin was a taboo unknown. So the reaction of the bodyguard was obvious.

As for the witch of the coward, the idiot of the coward, and the moon of the gauge, it was famous for the general public. Sungjin knew, but I did not think it was Eugene.

그대와의 동화

The original character was already out of the way, but the girl pushed it off and pretended to be noble again.

And the appearance is not unnatural, so I decided to go beyond Sungjin.

What are you talking about?

[I suppose you might have thought, but this is a different kind of ordinary contract soul. Yet the assimilation with you is low, yet you can not tell the details yet.]

2017년 4월 7일 금요일

엄청난 규모

The structure of the clinic was huge compared to other buildings, but it was because of the structure in it.

At the entrance to the building, I was standing in a line, but there were 10 warehouse rooms in the appraisal office, and it was called an emotional room.

2017년 4월 6일 목요일

I was not expecting

I was not expecting a friend to be such a ridiculous personality.

But what does Sungjin do? If the cape gets bored, he'll have to take care of the bottle. ... .

Even now, Seongjin seemed to die hard, but he took his tough body to the monster's body.

2017년 4월 3일 월요일

which made it more painful than blood in the lungs.

Sungjin's feelings were the same now.

Sungjin, who put his arm on his forehead, felt like he could not breathe. The ribs pierced the lungs, which made it more painful than blood in the lungs.

debt? It is enough to pay back.

The pain to come? It is enough to overcome such a thing.

2017년 4월 1일 토요일

Oh, I see. I went to Mr. Seongjin

Oh, I see. I went to Mr. Seongjin who I drove, but I was still in the hospital and had not recovered yet, but I remembered it before the accident.

At that time Kim was puzzled by Kim. It was strange that Sung - jin woke up and did not tell his own work when the detective came.

2017년 3월 31일 금요일

Yes, I drove by driving

Yes, I drove by driving.

Kim, who heard it, nodded and turned his computer monitor over to Seongjin to show something.

This is the CCTV at that time.

Kim said that and turned on the video.

2017년 3월 30일 목요일

police station was not far away

The police station was not far away from the hospital, because Sung - jin was not far from where the accident occurred and the hospital was located, and the police department was in charge of the jurisdiction near where the accident occurred.

A short time later, the taxi arrived at the police station. Sung - jin paid the money and walked out of the taxi and into the police station.

2017년 3월 29일 수요일

almost cost me 10 million won

Even the cheapest treatments almost cost me 10 million won.

Did you just write such a machine to Sungjin? Of course not. Sung-jin who worked at this hospital was an indispensable part of this hospital.

It is Sung-jin who does little more than mandatory hunting, saying that the doctor who saved the person is more meaningful than the contractor's life.

2017년 3월 25일 토요일

국내에서 20대도 없다는 차

When the man opened the door, unlike an ordinary sports car, it was a sleek vehicle that looked like a wing-like martial art and a black lacquer. Ferrari SA Enzo was often called the Enzo Ferrari.

It is a car that there are not 20 cars in Korea, and it is a vehicle that should pay at least 2 billion to buy in Korea.

한국형 미인

My, I am doing this!

When I was so frustrated, the bathroom door opened. Before Sung - jin did his job, the silhouette of the person in the bathroom came out.

uh? Sungjin is up.


Sungjin was not the first person to see. It was a typical Korean beauty who looked very pretty because her long brown hair, which was wet with water, and her lustrous nose, big nose, and lips like cherry blossoms seemed to match the immaculate skin.

2017년 3월 23일 목요일

The announcer nodded at her explanation

Sungjin also nodded herself without knowing her words. Something felt really relieved in her words. Is it a doctor?

The announcer nodded at her explanation and went on to the next question.

- Oh, right. Then, in the case of a dungeon known as the habitat of a monster, is it created by the monsters themselves?

I was wondering about Sungjin in the question of the announcer.